Untitled (House Show)

“Untitled (House Show)” was a performance and installation at Comfort Station in Chicago, featuring members of Harm’s Way, Weekend Nachos, and Like Rats. The evening began with pizza and hanging out on the lawn, in typical house show fashion, and quickly moved into the living room, where a fictional sludge band performed an improvised set in concert with the improvised performance of Ross. The duration of the performance was to be determined by however long it took to dismantle and separate the two halves of the loveseat, using household tools such as a hedge trimmer, hand saw, razor blades, hammer, ax, etc., OR until the band felt like stopping.

This show also included additional work by Nicole Brunel in the form of a fictional merch table called “All Ages Font Space”, to complete the setting. This piece is comprised of hand screened patches that read as band names, but are actually free typefaces designed to mimic the look of punk bands, and named accordingly. They were sold by Brunel on a sliding donation based scale. The projected video seen here is a special edit of the documentary “Animal Passions“, made by Ross for the performance. Click here to learn more about this video.

Untitled (House Show) was the closing event for “Whatever You Residue Don’t Leave Me”—a solo show of new work by E. Aaron Ross at Comfort Station, March 5 – March 26. The remnants of the performance stayed on display as an installation for the final 24 hours of the exhibition.

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