Soaked (Installation) Soaked (Zine) Soaked - Models To Touch the Face of God [00:73] Approximating The Noise Floor Approximating The Noise Floor Oh, Love That Will Not Let Me Go This Is My Body, Which Is for You The Greatest Adventure To Touch The Face of God Untitled (Breadbox)
In Harm's Way - No Gods No Masters
Some Kind of Anal Emotions (26:01) American Flag Waving in a Blue Sky with High Wind [10 Hours] Silky Sheer Energy Every Double Digits Mass Shooter in the USA from February 1984 - February 2018
 Licking the Rim of The Sun Spoiled (Video) Resembling The Sun Resembling The Sun - Pile Shadow of The Sun Untitled (House Show) A Single Tear A Series of Flat Circles (Double Stack) 204 Hits Illuminating, Exhausting (Installation) Scale Model of The Universe Partially Wilted Sun Soaked - Mind Eraser Unfurling Toxicity In A Degenerating Mind First and Last Half in a Window Closed