Decision Making (A Triptych)

‘Decision Making (A Triptych)’ uses performance in combination with (repurposed and manipulated) original and found footage across three sections. Each section expresses a desire to reach for something greater, both personally and geographically. While the activity of jumping connects mobility and the arc of a jump to the arc of a decision, the expectations of a fantasy contrast with the outcome of reality.

A re-edited version of an earlier project, shot with my then girlfriend, Dara Benno, where we begin in a Chicago alley and end on a sunny beach.

On an extremely cold day in November of 2010, I jumped into Lake Michigan in Chicago as a performance for this project. This was to be one of the harshest winters in memory, and the year “snowpocalypse” hit the city.

This section utilizes Woody Harrelson as a surrogate for myself, in the triumphant finally from the film “White Men Can’t Jump”. With the sound of the ocean waves in the distance as your only clue if you’re not familiar with the film, I can tell you that this scene also takes place at the beach, this time at Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

HD video, found footage, original footage, performance
TRT: 7:45

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