9 Months

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 23rd, Noon-3pm

In May of 2012, as part of a previous performance at Terraformer, Ross took a male fertility test. This test indicated his sperm count to be in the “extremely low” category. Shortly thereafter, E. Aaron Ross began saving his semen while practicing celibacy. Over the course of the last 48 hours (since the start of the blizzard on the 21st), this 9 month collection has been frozen and transformed into the form of an infant, and is currently being installed at the outdoor gallery space, Terraformer.

Official opening / visitation hours will be from Noon to 3PM on Saturday, February 23rd, but the installation will remain on view to the public for as long as the weather holds. Based on the weather report, we estimate this piece could conclude possibly as early as Sunday.

TERRAFORMER is a lot of land on Morgan St. in Chicago’s Southwest side. This lot was once the site for a home. After a drive by shooting a couple of people were killed in this home. Later, the home caught fire and burned down. After that, a demolition worker dealing with the wreckage died from a collapse of the burnt remainders from the house’s frame. The soil is too rocky from the leftover foundation for good gardening and the lot receives limited sunlight. There is a very large and old cottonwood tree that sits at the furthest end of the lot. This tree releases an incredible amount of it’s cotton seed in the spring.


2 pounds 8 ounces of semen (9 months worth), plexiglas, baby blanket, shoebox

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