Soaked (Zine)

***NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE – SEE BELOW***  Soaked is an ongoing project using black, unwanted, punk and hardcore shirts that have been grown out of literally or figuratively. These shirts are collected from friends and people in my community, as well as from my own closet. The shirts are then bound and soaked in my urine for several weeks or months to produce the transformation—a technique that references both the processes of photography and the heavy exchange of bodily fluids that occurs at punk shows.

Each shirt featured is sized on the page according to its actual size, with a front view, bac view, and detail on the adjacent page. The collection so far has been archived into three separate zines. The following spreads are select excerpts from all three. The models for this work are self-identified fans of punk and hardcore.

Discarded punk and hardcore shirts, artist's urine, ziplock bags, rubber bands, models, zine
8" x 10"

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