E. Aaron Ross

Weekend Nachos

Weekend Nachos - Punish and Destroy

Punish and Destroy (12")

Release Date:

Released By:
Cowabunga Records

Track Listing:
1. Acceptable Violence
2. Mocked
3. Dog Torture
4. Better Off Dead
5. Pathetic
6. Another World
7. Nothing's Changed
8. Apolitical
9. False Celebrity Kindness
10. Suburban Voice
11. Transformed
12. Hated
13. Breed This Plague
14. Trapped In A Scene
15. Instrumental
16. Klan Scouts
17. Your Guidance
18. Disrespect Your Elders
19. My Fellow Man
20. Sink To Your Level
21. Fashionable Poverty
22. Drinking Contest
23. Career Homicide
24. Pit Fantasy
25. Expose
26. Sick In The Head
27. Punish And Destroy

John Hoffman - Vox, Drums
Aaron Ross - Guitar, Bass, Back Ups

This album was recorded by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios in Chicago, with John and I playing all the music. Although there were also a number a fill in members at this time, we were the only constants. Varg, for example had already played bass for several shows. He officially joined on bass while we were in the process of recording and is not featured on the record, but played most of the shows leading up to and follow the release of this record. Chris Donaldson of Merkit fame filled in on drums for the tour immediately after the release.