E. Aaron Ross

Weekend Nachos

Weekend Nachos - Self Titled

Self Titled (8" Lathe Cut)

Release Date:

Released By:
Drugged Conscience

Track Listing:
1. Priorities
2. If You Come Near
3. Scars
4. Worthless Words


John Hoffman - Vox
Aaron Ross - Guitar, Back Ups
Varg - Bass
Brian Laude - Drums

These songs were recorded and used for a Relapse Records compilation, but also for this limited edition release (limited to 50) by Drugged Conscience, A.K.A. our good friend Chris Donaldson who also played drums for us on a tour and drove us in his very own van across the country (awesome).

This thing sounds gnarly as hell because it's a lathe cut, but that's what makes it rule. The cut itself was done by a guy in the Netherlands who was in a car accident and lost one of his eyes a week before this was supposed to come out, but he still got it done in time! So much credit to D.C. for making the whole thing work and making it look good. On the side that doesn't have music, there is a screen print of a nacho from you-know-what. That portion was done in Tampa by the D.C. posse.

(pics courtesy of mosh eisley)