E. Aaron Ross

Plan of Attack

Plan of Attack - The Working Dead

The Working Dead (CD, 12")

Release Date:

Released By:
Organized Crime Records

Track Listing:
1. Not This Time
2. Cabin Fever
3. The Sheperd Returns
4. Paper Revolutionary
5. So Sick
6. Cut Him Off
7. Mistakes
8. Where Do You Get Off?
9. Martyr
10. Goodbye, Fuck You
11. The Process
12. On a Shorter Leash
13. 28 Year Build Up
14. Faking It
15. Always the Outcast
16. Pressure's On*
17. Clock In
18. Clock Out


Bill Smiles - Vox
Dan Polak - Drums (record)
Jon Hoffacker - Drums (live)
Ryan Wilson - Guitar
Aaron Ross - Guitar
Liz Panella - Bass

* = origonally by RED C

Recorded April 2004 w/ Mark Sampson at Cadence Studios in Naperville, IL. Mastered by Blaise Barton at Scientific Mastering in Chicago. Layout: A*Ross, Working Pics: POA, Live Pics, Chiz Z., CD Tray Pic: Lauren S. Cover Art: Sean Taggart. All songs by POA except "Pressure's On" originally by RED C appearing on the "Flex Your Head" comp.