E. Aaron Ross

O'er The Waves

O'er The Waves - Underneath The Window

Underneath The Window (CD)

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Released By:
Maribelle Records

Track Listing:
1. Same Bed
2. The Only Miracle
3. Storylines
4. Underneath the Window
5. Lullaby
6. Casualties
7. Beautiful Body
8. Alarmingly the Same


Sarah Ross - Piano, Vocals
E. Aaron Ross - Drums, Vocals, Misc.

Recorded May 2010 to November 2010 at home. The drums were done one piece at a time, because I didn't had many microphones or a decent room to record the kit in. In retrospect I would probably not do that again, ever.

The pictures for the layout were shot on a 35mm camera down the street from our mom's house. You could walk there in about 30 paces. I drove my car up the this spot and turned on the headlights.