E. Aaron Ross

Food Fight

Food Fight - Crucified Taco E.P.

Crucified Taco E.P. (7" - Release Cancled)

Release Date:

Track Listing:
1. I'm In Food Fight
2. Stan Hurts Jessica
3. Rick Moranis is Awesome
4. I Ate Your Abortion
5. Your Son Got Drafted
6. Teen Pregnancies Are Cool
7. I Pulled the Plug on Your Grandma
8. MC Hammer is a Christian Pussy
9. Whore Punch
10. Disavow is Obsessed with Getting Hotel Rooms
11. My Mom Smokes
12. Chris Wilson is a Pussy
13. Your Dad Lost His Job
14. Ugly People Need to Die
15. Your Mom Has a Yeast Infection
16. I Pulled the Plug on Your Grandma
17. You're Involved in a Serious Relationship
18. Fuck Fat Chicks
19. Rollerblading is a Problem
20. Meredith Sucks at Video Games
21. Plan of Attack Sucks
22. Hard Liz
23. John Caution Has a Vagina
24. Danielle's on the Rag


John Hoffman - Vox (drums on record)
Aaron Ross - Drums (guitar on record)
Aaron & John - Recorded Bass

Guitar and bass for a small time by Bill Smiles, Scooter, and Ryan Wilson. Some shows played with John singing and on guitar. Sometimes with no bass, or no bass or guitar.

This was supposed to be a 7" on Dean's label, but literally the day after we finished recording it John had an identity crisis and decided the songs were too offensive, and that it would be morally wrong to put out this record (most likely the product of 2003 Nick Donahue finally having some influence).

The band that resulted from this new perspective was Attention Span. This band also did not last, however, for obvious reasons.