E. Aaron Ross

Food Fight

Food Fight - 17 Song Demo

17 Song Demo (CD, Cassette Tape)

Release Date:

Track Listing:
1. I'm In Food Fight
2. Pollution Rules
3. SXE Violence
4. Good Clean Fun Can Suck It
5. Stan Hurts Jessica
6. Meredith Sucks At Video Games
7. Intermission
8. Your Son Got Drafted
9. Your Mom Has a Yeast Infection
10. Your Dad Lost His Job
11. Whorepunch
12. I Pulled the Plug on Your Gran
13. Teen Pregnancies Are Cool
14. Ugly People Need to Die
15. I'm Glad Panic Broke Up
16. Fuck Fat Chicks
17. Take It Or Leave It


John Hoffman - Vox (drums on record)
Aaron Ross - Drums (guitar on record)
Aaron & John - Recorded Bass

Guitar and bass for a small time by Bill Smiles, Scooter, and Ryan Wilson. Some shows played with John singing and on guitar. Sometimes with no bass, or no bass or guitar.

Recorded by Brandon Rios in his basement.