E. Aaron Ross

Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia Brown - Anarchy Dance Party

Anarchy Dance Party (CD)

Release Date:

Track Listing:
1. Never
2. Self-Respect
3. Could Have Known
4. Who You Are
5. Now I Know
6. Fuck It
7. We Try


Aaron Ross - Vox and Guitar
John Hoffman - Drums
Eric Oij - Bass and Back Ups

We tried to go a little more pro on this one, but because John and Oij had moved away to go to college already, we weren't practicing as much and it really showed in the vocals. We were very much in the process of getting sucked into hardcore at this point and couldn't figure out how to pick one or the other. I suggest skipping straight to the bonus track.

The most important part of this CD is the story of how it was made. The CD was originally to be titled "FUCK MAYOR PRADEL" (the mayor of our city of Naperville). We were going to print the covers ourselves at Kinkos, but while there my mom CALLED KINKOS to yell at me about it. I had left the files open on my computer and she was livid over the title. As a 17 year old, I had no choice but to cave and change the title. Awful.