E. Aaron Ross

Encyclopedia Brown

Encyclopedia Brown - Encyclopedia Brown.01

Encyclopedia Brown.01 (CD)

Release Date:

Track Listing:
1. I Am Rock N Roll
2. Can't Fail
3. Hating Everyone
4. Enemy
5. Positive Thinking
6. Kids
7. Cram It Down
8. Makin' A Scene
9. A.D.D.
10. Letdown
11. Can't Believe
12. When I Die


Aaron Ross - Vox and Guitar
John Hoffman - Drums
Eric Oij - Bass and Back Ups

This was the first band I ever played in that actually recorded, and probably the best band I've ever done. We recorded with the guitar player from Monster Trux, J.T. Weber, at his house in Downers Grove. I think he lived with Todd Quarles at the time.

We had our height of popularity during a time when each Chicago suburb had its own little punk scene, and we played them all. This was before any social networking websites, and in retrospect I have no idea how those people even got ahold of me to ask if we'd want to play their parents basement / garage or whatever. Maybe these little scenes still exist, but I'll probably never know.